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Professional Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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Professional Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management is a course specifically curated to fully prepare you so that you can efficiently navigate the world of global supply chains. Studying this course opens up opportunities to work with multinational corporations and in international logistics hubs. This course also helps students expand their network which includes suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, transporters, retailers, warehouse owners, and other intermediaries.

Course duration:- 1 year

Entry requirements:- Any Degree/ Diploma/ Plus Two

Career prospects:-

Our logistics and supply chain management courses have been designed to impart knowledge on the complete supply chain environment, including procurement, production, distribution and customer satisfaction. We aim at imparting the students with both strategic and operational skills for boosting efficiency, reducing costs and improving customer service which are constituents of a successful business. Through taking our logistics and supply chain management courses in kerala, students not only explore existing best practices but also develop the adaptability to navigate future changes and challenges in the logistics sector.

Job Opportunities in:-

1. Supply chain design and planning

2. procurement and supply management

3. Freight transportation

4. Warehouse design and management

5. Distribution network design and planning

6. Inventory management and control.

Job Roles:-

1. Logistics Coordinator

2. Logistics Manager

3. Warehouse Manager

4. Shipping Manager

5. Supply Chain Analyst