Empire College

B.Voc Food Technology


India is almost near to the population of 1.35 billion people and obviously we need to feed this immense number of people. Food science and technology is thus a growing field of study with ample opportunities. Inorder to satisfy the huge population, the food producers had to address the environmental concerns, economic instabilities while creating effective food processes techniques. This course enables you to learn issues regarding profitable cost saving food proceedings in order to meet the requirements. It gives knowledge based on subjects like food safety, biotechnology and makes us capable in determining the quality of food. Practical learning in labs are quite important to determine the authenticity of recipes or ingredients.

Course duration:- 3 years

Entry requirements:- Students opting for this course must have plus two in science stream.

Career prospects:-

Graduates can take up jobs in various sectors like restaurants, food processing companies, catering companies, food manufacturing industries, food and beverage control organisations, research laboratories and packaging firms. They can even work in hospitals controlling food safety. Students who are enthusiastic can go for further masters degree and research.

Job Profile for BVocFood Technology :-

1. Food technologist

2. Naturopath

3. Nutritional therapist

4. Product/process development scientist

5. Quality manager

6. Regulatory affairs officer

7. Scientific laboratory technician

8. Technical brewer