Empire College

B. Voc Optometry


Optometrists are specially trained to meet the needs of people with the basic eye and vision care. Particularly designed to examine the visual organs, provide health care by rectifying their impairments and barriers of sight. Also they give necessary optical devices, meet the defects in vision and sometimes correct contact lenses and spectacles.

Course duration:- 3 years

Entry requirements:- Students must have a plus two degree in science stream.

Career prospects:-

After your graduation, you can further choose to attain a masters degree and later you can even go for research studies. It is a job with huge demand all over the world and is well paid. Since it gives much emphasis on the clinical aspects and public health, you will be eligible for a job as optometrist in clinics and hospitals immediately after graduation. A work in a clinic can provide you with a first hand idea of the subject.

Job Profile for B. Voc Optometry:-

1. Private practitioners

2. Vision consultants

3. Trainee optometrist

4. Optometry researchers

5. Professors

6. Private Practitioner