Empire College

B.Voc Medical Laboratory Technology


Medical technology is in a high summit all around the globe with ample opportunities. It is the root and stem of the entire health care management. In order to address the problems, the medical field employees should be fully fledged with trained medical knowledge and practice. The course focuses on how to diagnose, treat and prevent life threatening diseases in the clinical labs. They are able to run required tests and studies to ensure the proper dismantle of illness. It also gives training based on the operation of equipment and laboratory tools.

Course duration:- 3 years

Entry requirements:- A plus two science stream.

Career prospects:-

Graduates may work at laboratories as technicians, or in hospitals both government and private, clinics, medical labs, nursing homes. Apart from that one can also pursue masters in any education line related wiuth the subject and undertake your research dreams. They can find employment in research labs, hospitals, pharmaceuticals.

Job Profile for BVocMedical Laboratory Technology:-

1. Blood Bank Technician

2. Lab Assistant

3. Lab Technician

4. Pathology Technician

5. Physiotherapy Technicians