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About us


EXELENS FOUNDATION is established in 2017, valanchery, Malappuram, our new Educational Endeavour in different field of Science & Management.

The Trust focuses on imparting quality education, disciplined & integrated personality development and management skills to face the global challenges.

We offer high quality educational programs in the fields of Medical, Healthcare, and Management and to hold the positions of Technocrats, Technologists, Technicians, Operations and Customer Relation officers in the field of Global Medical and Airline industry.

We provide internship for our students and Scholarship would be awarded to candidates with high academic merits.



We aim to train our candidates as skillful and empathetic medical technicians, technologists and healthcare professionals, who can cater to all kinds of patient-needs.We open before our skillful candidates a wide-range of career opportunities in the global medical world. We focus on realizing the academic and career ambitions of our candidates.


The academic experience with us would be inspiring, challenging enjoyable and supportive. We bring out a highly efficient social and professional personality to compete high-demanding medical procedures in hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers. Our empathetic and skillful technologists, technicians and healthcare professionals can meet the medical needs of patients and to assist the physicians and surgeons.

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Your choice of college or university will play an important part in shaping your career and fulfilling your ambitions.

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We offer a unique learning environment with enrolment on college courses.

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We aim to provide a safe, supportive and happy learning environment for our students.

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