Empire College

B.Voc Nutrition and Dietetics


This course provides you with experience to ensure the application based knowledge on the Nutritional and Dietary requirements for the people and also able to give necessary dietary interventions which are supposed to meet the needs of individuals. It also concentrates on things related with food and its effect on the overall health of a human being. Trained in order to acquire skills necessary for assessing and treating people with various health problems. Students after graduation can work as registered nutritionists and dietitians who are capable of diagnosing health issues caused by inappropriate diet and nutrition problems. They are capable of providing life saving guidance and support towards people.

Course duration:- 3 years

Entry requirements:- Students opting for this course must completed plus two in science stream.

Career prospects:-

You can choose to study any advanced diploma or M.Voc after your graduation. It helps you to develop your required traits and pick up the opportunities in the field of nutritional advice, diet, health and exercise to get into a job faster. You can even start your own clinic or fitness centres, gyms.

Job Profile for BVoc Nutrition & Dietetics:-

1. Sports Nutritionist

2. Health Coach

3. Clinical Dietitian

4. Public Health Nutritionist

5. Food Safety Auditor

6. Oncology Nutritionist

7. Nutritional Therapist

8. Personal Nutritionist

9. Corporate Wellness Consultant

10. College Nutritionist

11. Pediatric Nutritionist

12. Nutrition Therapist