Food Technology Course with attractive job opportunities

  • 05 Oct
  • 2021

This is a very attractive area. There will be a lot of job opportunities in the future. The percentage of processed food consumed by the people indicates economic growth. India has only one-seventh of the developed countries. Fruit and vegetable processing here is only about seven percent. As the economy progresses, the consumption of natural products will decrease and the habit of consuming processed and marketed foods will increase.

Cooking adds value to food. Look at the difference between eating fruits the same way and eating them with juice or jam. The fruits, which produce only a few months of the year, can be eaten throughout the year if properly prepared and stored. There are several ways to prevent bacterial overgrowth at harvest time. Notice the difference between chewing sugar cane and using sugar throughout the year. We make chocolate in many forms by adding sugar, cocoa, and vanilla.

Consumption of jams, marmalades, biscuits, cakes, pickles, cereals, seafood, and even milk is low. The services of those trained in this field are in great demand in the food manufacturing industry. Experts will also be required to ensure the quality and safety of food in large hotels and hospitals. Opportunities are also available at distilleries, soft drink production centers, large flour mills, and agricultural exports. The food processing industry in India is booming. The curriculum in many programs will be different. Physical,
chemical, and microbiological properties of food, fermentation (dairy), dairy practices, ripening methods, grain storage, food hygiene, food safety, quality control, packaging, marketing, research, etc.

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