Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance

  • 10 Feb
  • 2021

Paramedics are destined to provide an emergency medical response to needy people. It is estimated that the paramedics respond to about more than 2000 medical emergencies in each second. The experience and compassion towards the job will do the work.

The expertise of the paramedic is not just applied at the scene of an incident. Paramedics are always involved in the coordination of ambulance care and in clinics and communications support sections. They are responsible for every call made by the patients.

Most of the cases are not just ambulance care or assistance and therefore it helps free up ambulances for life-threatening cases. Even though it is crucial that the experience and knowledge in the field is very necessary in order to handle all the odds.

The pharmacological, medical, and clinical skills of our paramedics are of a very high standard. The patients' are also very much satisfied by their services.

Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance (MICA) paramedics have a higher level of clinical experience and skill set that will enable them to perform more advanced medical procedures. Their training goes beyond a practical skill and is quite necessary to include more detail in many other studies like anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, and pharmacology to help greatly increase the capacity to make complex clinical decisions without making any medical consultation from the doctors or physicians. They can perform a lot of advanced airway management, manage certain complex head injuries, treat life-threatening chest injuries and provide advanced management of cardiac conditions. These paramedics can operate either as a single responder or part of an a two-person crew.

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