Study logistics; Achieve better jobs and higher salaries.

  • 05 Oct
  • 2021

Great job, great salary ... is everyone's dream. Logistics is an area that has provided many such opportunities over the past ten years. Logistics refers to the management of operations from the point of manufacture to the point of delivery to the customer. This category also includes the delivery of raw materials to the manufacturing facility.

The growth in the region, which has emerged after globalization, with the rise of Make in India, e-commerce, and the boom in the aviation port sector are not insignificant. In the case of Kerala, the four airports, the Vallarpadam container terminal, and the newly constructed Vizhinjam port are promising. Opportunities are available in the areas of freight, transportation, storage, and packing.


A link that connects the three categories of manufacturers, distributors, and consumers. Borders are becoming less important for companies in the new world economy. The logistics management sector grew as a solution to the challenge of delivering goods across borders on time. Today we see big companies looking for new pastures for industrial expansion. The logistics management sector grew as a solution to the challenge of delivering goods across borders on time.

E-commerce companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Mintra have created a lot of jobs in this field. A new e-commerce company led by Reliance Industries is set to launch soon. And there are startup companies in various fields. Today there are huge job opportunities in the field of logistics and warehousing.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management has many branches, including how to deliver the product, how long it takes to deliver it to customers, planning, warehouse arrangement, tracking where the product is located, risk prevention, and risk-taking insurance planning. Logistics professionals are required in all commercial enterprises. All of this would be done by someone familiar with such matters in small businesses. Specialized logistics divisions of large companies and independent logistics firms serving other companies provide opportunities in this field. A large number of construction companies, e-commerce companies, distribution companies, private courier companies, and logistics companies are working in this field.

Upon completion of the course, you will find opportunities in ports, airports, shipping companies, freight companies, couriers, and e-commerce companies. Jobs include Inventory Manager, International Logistics Manager, Inventory Controller, Logistics Software Manager, Production Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Warehouse Manager, Transportation Manager, or Supervisor.

It has already been said that there are various branches in logistics itself. Courses can be selected depending on whether you are interested in the Logistics Manager category or the Supervisory category. To ensure the smooth movement of goods, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the trade laws and regulations of the various countries. Those who have passed Plus Two have Advanced Diploma courses in Logistics Management.

Some institutes also offer courses in B.Com and B.B.A. with a major in Logistics. You can choose courses that teach about different shipping methods. Logistics is a profession that requires a lot of skill and technical knowledge. Leading qualities such as leadership skills, the ability to coordinate things, and good communication skills are important qualities of a logistician. Any graduate can pursue postgraduate courses in Logistics Class Management.

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