• 30 Jun
  • 2020

Physical therapy or physiotherapy is the field of paramedical that treat conditions of joint pain, muscle or tissue injuries, back pain, cartilage damage, physical damage or skeletal deformations. This treatment method focuses on the techniques of movement and helps people restore and maintain their physical strength. It helps people with improving their motor skills to adapt better with the environment.

The bachelor of physiotherapy is a popular paramedical course that requires aspirants to attain thorough knowledge in clinical sciences of motion. The healthcare professional must be empathetic and have sufficient expertise in patiently reducing ailment of patients. They also must learn to speak kindly and articulately to their patients. The professionals must be proficient in handling equipment, sufficiently strong themselves and have deep knowledge about all treatment methods.

 The best paramedical colleges in Kerala offer comprehensive courses in physiotherapy. The course often extends to four years and is often followed by field training or internship. The course also contains theoretical and practical sessions which provide sufficient clinical exposure to students.

The job opportunities for a physiotherapist are enormous. They are needed in rehabilitation centres, old age homes and fitness centres. They are also very much needed for treating patients who had undergone accidents or injuries. BPT aspirants can find employment in both the private and government sectors. A regular physiotherapist in a clinical facility can earn up to 2 to 7 lakhs per annum.

Physiotherapy is the practice of providing care and rehabilitation of people with physical ailments and helps them restore their normal strength and balance. Therefore the professionals in this field are major assets to the medical industry.

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