Ambulance Community Officers

  • 15 Feb
  • 2021


Ambulance Community Officers (ACOs) are a kind of paramedic workers who are supposed to be the first responders to provide advanced first aid in remote communities where a load of cases is low and the branch is not staffed full-time. ACOs are equipped with numerous life-saving skills that they develop and maintain every year. They provide services to several areas and branches in an effective manner.

They are local and out of town volunteers who are employed and trained by the authoritative head. They are not paramedics but attain a Certificate 2 accreditation in Emergency Medical First Response.

The role of the ACO is to respond to 000 callouts that they are dispatched to and provide patient help, initial treatment and if appropriate transport to the hospital. They are backed up by the nearest qualified paramedic who will take over patient assessment and care from the ACO’s after they arrive.

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