Firefighter Paramedics

  • 27 Feb
  • 2021

The world needs more people in healthcare and they are constantly looking for them. This situation raises to announce its position in support of fire-based emergency medical services (EMS). Fire-based EMS are help providers who are supposed to deliver their support through first responders utilizing non-transport fire apparatus and/or by a vehicle licensed as an ambulance in order to transport the sick, needy and injured to an appropriate facility.

EMS is considered as an essential component of the services provided by the fire service. The fire service is strategically well positioned to deliver a proper time critical response and some kind of effective patient care as soon as possible. Therefore, the fire service has become the first-line medical responder for critical illnesses and injuries in almost every community. They are life savers who are ready to respond at any time. They work a hectic job and are quite risky. It takes great talent and responsibility to look after for the needy and sick.

They receive a good amount of medical training as a part of their training agenda. So they are also known as Firefighter EMT or Paramedic. There are many system models that are capable of providing fire service to deliver emergency medical services. The three primary models include fire departments using cross-trained/multi-role firefighters for EMS first response and ambulance transport; fire departments using firefighters for EMS first response and civilians who are not cross-trained as firefighters for ambulance transport; and fire departments who use firefighters for EMS first response and non-fire department organizations for ambulance transport. The model where fire departments use the first criteria for EMS initial response and ambulance transport has several other unique and distinct advantages over other models.

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